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The Art, Science, and Mastery of Masonry Construction

Masonry is one of the oldest construction trades and is still commonly used today for building foundations, walls, floors, and other structural elements. From ancient stonemasons carving blocks for pyramids and temples to modern bricklayers constructing walls, masonry has been an integral part of construction for centuries. At Nexus Construction in New York City, our expert masons employ both artistry and science in their masonry work for residential and commercial projects.

construction jobsite
construction job site

The Art Masonry requires creativity and skill to cut, shape, and arrange bricks, stones, concrete blocks, tiles, and other masonry units aesthetically. Our masons have a keen eye for detail, proportions, and textures to create beautiful, lasting structures unique to each project. The patterns and bonds used in brickwork, like herringbone and basket weave bonds, transform simple masonry units into works of art. Sculptural stone accents add artistic flair. Masonry allows for self-expression and craftsmanship in construction.

The Science While masonry has an artistic component, it also involves extensive science and engineering. Our masons possess deep knowledge of building materials, structural design, and construction methods. For example, the arch is one of the oldest and most fundamental elements in masonry construction that requires expertise in compressive forces and load distribution that our masons have mastered over decades of experience. Our masons use math geometry to calculate dimensions, shapes, and patterns and consider soil mechanics, foundation requirements, and weather/environmental factors in their work. Masonry construction brings together art, math, engineering, and science.

Master Masons Becoming a skilled mason takes years of training through apprenticeships and on-the-job experience. Our Master Masons in New York City are highly knowledgeable in specialized areas like stone setting, restoration work, pointing, stucco, pavers, and bricklaying. At Nexus Construction, we pass masonry knowledge from generation to generation while also utilizing new technologies. Masonry remains an in-demand occupation that we proudly practice.

For any residential or commercial masonry project in NYC, contact Nexus Construction today to have our experienced masons turn your vision into reality with lasting beauty, strength, and quality craftsmanship.

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