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Keep Your Sidewalks Safe with ourSidewalk Repair Services- concrete sidewalk repair

Do you have an uneven or damaged sidewalk in front of your New York home or business? At Nexus Construction, we specialize in sidewalk repair and replacement to keep your property safe and looking its best.

Common Sidewalk Problems We Repair- concrete sidewalk repair

Some of the most common sidewalk issues we fix include:

  • Uneven sidewalks or slabs - We can level concrete sidewalks that have shifted or sunk over time, creating trip hazards

  • Cracks and damage - Our crews can repair cracks, holes, and other deterioration in concrete and brick sidewalk materials

  • Sunken sidewalks - We use mudjacking and other techniques to lift and stabilize sunken sidewalk slabs

  • Broken or missing pavers - We replace broken brick pavers and stone walkway materials

  • Deteriorating curb and edging - We can repair or replace damaged sidewalk curbs and edges

Why Timely Sidewalk Repair is Important- concrete sidewalk repair

It's important to fix sidewalk problems as soon as they occur because:

  • They pose safety hazards like tripping, falling, and difficulty using a wheelchair

  • The problems tend to worsen over time leading to more extensive repairs

  • You may be liable for injuries if you allow severely damaged sidewalks on your property

  • It protects and extends the life of your concrete or brick sidewalks

Our Sidewalk Repair Process

At Nexus Construction, we make professional sidewalk repair simple. Here is what you can expect:

  1. Schedule a free estimate at your property so we can assess the damage and recommend repair solutions.

  2. We'll provide a fair, upfront quote with no hidden fees - you'll know the full cost ahead of time.

  3. Our skilled technicians will repair your sidewalk using industry best practices and high-quality materials.

  4. We'll clean up the job site when work is completed, leaving you with a safe, attractive sidewalk.

Affordable Payment Options

We understand sidewalk repair can be a large, unexpected expense. That's why we offer flexible payment options like financing to make the cost more manageable.

Contact Nexus Construction today at 347-944-9695 to learn more about our sidewalk repair services or to schedule your free estimate for residential or commercial properties in New York. We service all five boroughs.

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